Why We Love Meghan and Harry (And It’s More Than the Fairytale)


Like many, I’ve been obsessed watching every royal move Meghan and Harry make. What they say. Where they go. Who they mingle with. (Hello, Amal Clooney!) I got up at 6 a.m. EST on Saturday and wept as they confirmed their true love to one another in front of the world.

I figured my overwhelming emotion was because of the romance, the pomp and circumstance, the beautiful people. But then, as I watched them drive off into the sunset in their electric Jaguar, goosebumps sprouted all over my body.

I caught on that this was no ordinary fairytale. These two aren’t going to hole up in the castle and drink tea. They’re going to make the world a better place through their continued charity work, like clean water campaigns and the Invictus Games.

That’s why we love them! They’re living their purpose.

Individually they’re authentic and genuine and they believe in something bigger than themselves. But now that they’ve joined forces, watch out. The power of their love is in the way they will lift up others.

That’s their purpose and they live it.

When we see someone who’s on their path, doing their thing, it makes us feel good. We get googly-eyed and goosebumpy. It makes us want what they have–that personal empowerment and sparkle that comes with doing what you are here on Earth to do.

We may never be members of the royal family but every one of us can be majestic. All we have to do is live our purpose, just like Meghan and Harry.

Official (and amazing) wedding photo. Credit: @alexilubomirski


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