My Story

I created (a play on my name and the essence of carousing) as my smart, sexy, spiritual exploration of life.

I love to explore. I love to learn. I love to try new things and new ideas on for size. That is what Karousing is all about. It’s about the joy of discovering all sorts of new ideas. The kind of ideas that make you step out of your comfort zone and see the world a different way.

I’m a Midwesterner, who packed her bags, kept her values, and moved to where the sun shines just about every day. 

Growing up, I dreamed of being a prolific writer. Instead, I went to law school. For years, I practiced criminal defense, focusing on white collar crimes. I also worked as in-house counsel for a $6 billion public company.  Then one day, I woke up and decided I had had enough.

It wasn’t that smooth and it wasn’t that easy. It was a long journey. One of unhappiness. One of self-doubt. One peppered with fear.  It’s not easy giving up what you thought you wanted. It’s even more difficult giving up everything you know for something you don’t.

These days, I write like my life depends on it, which of course it does, because not following your passion is the quickest way to an early death. I hope you’ll join me on this journey, where we’ll lighten up, tune in, and make our souls giddy. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Are you ready to start Karousing?