What We Can Learn From The Voice’s Danielle Bradbery

What can a sixteen year old girl from Cypress, Texas, who sweetly peppers her sentences with “y’all” and who only recently learned to wear high heels, teach us about life? Quite a bit actually. Recently, Danielle Bradbery was crowned the winner of season four NBC’s of The Voice. With her pitch-perfect tone and her commanding stage presence, Danielle undoubtedly has the “it” factor.


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But it wasn’t always so easy for Danielle. She’s never had a vocal lesson in her life. Not one. Growing up, she’d sing in front of the mirror over and over. She never thought she was good, but over time and with enough practice, she thought maybe she could carry a tune.

And even though Danielle loved to sing, she was racked with fear at the thought of singing for anyone. Danielle has said that she lacked confidence and would sing for her family only while hiding under the dining table.

So how does someone, a teenager no less, who lacks self-confidence and suffers from a debilitating case of stage fright become the winner of The Voice? During an interview on The Today Show, Danielle was asked how she dealt with the fear of singing for millions of people. She replied, “I got the courage to go and do something. It was really scary…I just went with it.”

Even after her big win, Danielle was brave enough to talk candidly about her confidence issues. She told Jay Leno that the best coaching advice she received from Blake Shelton on The Voice was, “Go out there, have fun, and be yourself….Oh well if you look like a fool. Just have fun.”

Here’s what the awe-inspiring Danielle Bradbury has taught us ~

  • Find something you love to do and practice it all the time. All. The. Time.
  • The thing that you are most afraid of doing is the thing you must do. Fear is where we hide our superpower. (And yes, we all have a superpower.) Why else would a God-sent talent like Danielle Bradbery (and Barbara Streisand) suffer from stage fright? Because, being small and unaccomplished isn’t what truly scares us. What scares us is that if we show the world our superpower, our light may be so big and bright that people won’t like us.

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  • Have fun. Be yourself. Unapologetically, unabashedly yourself. To achieve greatness, you must stop caring what others think. A funny thing happens when you stop caring about whether people like you. They like you even more.

So let’s send big thanks to Danielle Bradbury for being such a courageous, heart-felt talent who put it all on the line and reminded us to embrace our fear and be ourselves.

Now get out there and show us your superpower. Hurry! The world is waiting.

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