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What I Know About Love and Marriage

It rained on my wedding day. Huge drops fell on our Bahamian town and left us running for cover. I paced in my cabana, fretting that the rain wouldn’t stop in time for the wedding. David, my soon-to-be husband, handed me a glass of champagne and reminded me that the weather was out of our […]

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5.14 ~ What a Soul Weighs In Pounds

I’m not a cat person. I never had a cat, never wanted a cat, and never loved a cat. Until Minnie. And I never had to put a cat down. Until Minnie. Minnie was born outside David’s office about twelve years ago. Like me, David wasn’t a cat person, but Minnie charmed her way through the […]

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How to Have a Fun, Sexy, Spiritual Valentine’s Day

What’s your idea of a fun, sexy, spiritual Valentine’s Day? Mine looks something like this: Ok, that’s not really my idea of a fun, sexy, spiritual Valentine’s Day. Well, yes it is. But, I’m happily married so, my fun, sexy, spiritual Valentine’s Day will not include Adam Levine. If I’m lucky, however, it will include […]

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