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One Roof or Two? Love in the Time of Solitude

My husband, David, does irritating things. Most of them are your typical, run-of-the-mill guy things, such as leaving his dirty dishes near the dishwasher, but never in the dishwasher, and throwing his stinky socks near the hamper, but never in the hamper. I’m sensing a pattern here, are you? (One thing he never does though […]

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5.14 ~ What a Soul Weighs In Pounds

I’m not a cat person. I never had a cat, never wanted a cat, and never loved a cat. Until Minnie. And I never had to put a cat down. Until Minnie. Minnie was born outside David’s office about twelve years ago. Like me, David wasn’t a cat person, but Minnie charmed her way through the […]

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How to Have a Fun, Sexy, Spiritual Valentine’s Day

What’s your idea of a fun, sexy, spiritual Valentine’s Day? Mine looks something like this: Ok, that’s not really my idea of a fun, sexy, spiritual Valentine’s Day. Well, yes it is. But, I’m happily married so, my fun, sexy, spiritual Valentine’s Day will not include Adam Levine. If I’m lucky, however, it will include […]

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