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Want Great Skin? Try Lulu Blossom!

lulu blossom natural skin care karouisng

I love Lulu Blossom! I’m always looking for products that keep my skin clear and radiant, and these all-natural skin care products are amazing. They smell wonderful. They feel nourishing. And the best part? No toxic chemicals or unhealthy ingredients like other skin care lines. All of Lulu Blossom’s products are vegan, never tested on […]

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5 Things Every Woman Under 30 Should Know

I am a forty year old woman who’s been married twice and spent twelve years working a job I didn’t like because I was good at it and it paid my bills. I’ve tried every diet under the sun (cabbage soup anyone?), loved the wrong guys, and doubted my self-worth. But along the way, I […]

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The O2 Lift ~ A Breath of Fresh Skin

I’d grown tired of facials. Tired of the hoopla. Tired of cost. I began to wonder if they all weren’t just a bunch of fluff. So about a year ago I quit getting facials. I decided to spend my money on treatments that actually did something. No more fluff. I wanted results. Exfoliate me! Illuminate […]

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Fraxel ~ Saving Face & Erasing Sun Damage

I’d like to tell you that I was never a sun worshipper. That I never, ever laid out in the sun. That I always wore sunscreen. That I sought shelter from the wicked, wrinkle causing sun under a big ol’ beach umbrella. But, that’s not the way it was. This, my fellow Karousers is how […]

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Scents & Sensibility ~ Making French Perfume

“In it’s way, a perfume is an invisible dress, playing on the tension between what is hidden and what is revealed.” ~ Thierry Wasser, Guerlain Perfumer What is it about perfume that makes a woman feel, dare I say, desirable? Between the moment you put it on and the moment a man swoons over your […]

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Dermaplane For a Fuzz Free Face

I’ve been having my face dermaplaned for a while. One time was all it took to get addicted to dermaplaning for a fuzz free face. This quick and easy treatment along, with using great products, will make your skin look great and your makeup lay beautifully. Big event coming up? Perfect. In need a quick […]

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Welcome to!

I’m so excited to share with you. is an online lifestyle magazine where I will share my discoveries about travel, style, wellness, beauty, and other things that inspire me. Karousing is a play in my name and the essence of carousing. It’s my fun, sexy, spiritual exploration of life. This week I leave […]

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