Amazing Friends ~ From Baubles to Closets

I’m blessed to have more than a few amazing friends – the kind of friends who inspire you, encourage you, and cheer for your success. They do interesting things, and in their own unique ways, make the world a better place.

In case you missed my post about my amazing friend Burt Mulford and his fabulous closet, here’s the primer…Burt is my amazing friend (who used to model for Ralph Lauren) and this is his fabulous closet.

{Burt’s closet after renovation.}

Burt and his partner, Dean Hamric, invited David and me to their recent holiday soiree. As soon as I opened the invite, I started thinking about what I was going to wear. A couple of months ago I bought a beautiful, cream leather Milly dress at Saks Fifth Avenue that had been taunting me from the closet, “It’s time, wear me! Wear me!” Because it’s one of those dresses that you can’t gain an ounce and get it zipped, I tried it on to make sure it still fit. With a little wiggling, and a lot of positive thinking, I got it on. (Our mid-holiday detox plan must be working.)

I was in desperate need of accessories, so I went to see my friend and amazing jewelry designer Linda Bever. Linda has a fabulous store aptly named Baubles, where she sells her original designs as well as other beautiful pieces she handpicks. If you want interesting, one of kind pieces, this is the place to go.

Linda hit the mark once again. She’s always pushing me out of my fashion comfort zone, and I adore her for it.  Here’s what we came up with ~

Linda originally made this necklace for herself and wore it to a dinner at the Palace of Versailles. When I told her about my cream leather Milly dress, she insisted I have it. She’s a wonderfully talented, beautiful person. Owning one of her pieces is like owning a piece of art, something that you’d hand down generation to generation.

{Linda made this necklace out of a piece of marble and affixed a vintage broach to the front. I love the juxtapose of organic and glitz.}

{We added this 1960s cuff and an onyx ring.}

Burt and Dean’s party was absolutely lovely. The food was delicious. The mood was festive. We spent a little time catching up about our recent trips to France. Burt and Dean had been to France this summer and shared many of their fun finds with David and me. Their suggestions helped make our trip to France all the more beautiful.

{Me with Dean and Burt. Love Burt’s jacket. It was his grandfather’s.}

{Burt, looking dashing.}

While I was there, I spent a little time in their closet. They didn’t mind. I think they understand that I’m in love with this closet – clean lines, uncluttered space, thoughtful placement. The energy is zen-like. I wanted to sit on the floor and meditate. Meditating in the presence of Hermes and Ferragamo should be pretty enlightening, right?

{The shoe line up. Love.}

After a little wine and a lot of merry, David and I decided to head home. As I drifted off to sleep, thoughts of baubles and closets danced in my head. I thanked God for interesting friends who have good hearts and great taste. Listening to their ideas and experiences makes me want to be a better person – someone who lives passionately, goes on adventures, and takes more risks.

So here’s my advice. Surround yourself with people who inspire you to be everything that you’re meant to be. People who encourage you, believe in you, and aren’t intimidated by your light. Life’s too short to hang with haters, and you’re too amazing to be anything less than you.

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