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What a week! I was in self-imposed lock down for 3 days because I was on a juice cleanse and didn’t want to be tempted to cheat. My quiet time gave me the chance to catch up on my reading. And the mental clarity I got from juicing got my brain buzzing with ideas!

Here’s what lit me up this week…


My 3 day juice cleanse was hands down my “so glad I did it” WELLNESS inspiration of the week. It was so damn good, it could be my SOUL FOOD inspiration and my BEAUTY inspiration too. I was an irritable B*&#$ for thirty-six hours (well, according to my husband, it might have been closer to forty-eight), but then the flood gates opened and I felt AMAZING! Look for the full post next week. It’ll have all the, uh, juicy details.



I had a few things happen this week that affirmed my path as a writer and created forward momentum for my goals. This got me thinking about the years I spent doing things I didn’t enjoy, especially working in a profession that didn’t suit me. I was afraid to step out and do what I really wanted to do – what that little voice told me I had to do. A funny thing happens when you have the courage to believe in your own power. Little by little your dreams become reality. What do you have the power to do?



I am a necklace junkie. I know, stacking arm candy is all the rage. But to me, there’s nothing more stylish and classic than a statement necklace. This is my new obsession. I’m wearing it with white, with black, with blues, with…you get the idea.

{Photo courtesy of JCrew.com.}

{Photo courtesy of JCrew.com.}


It’s that time of the year when we get that more than a dewey glow. It’s also when the sun does a number on our skin. I bought this powder sunscreen that gets rid of the unwanted shine and protects my face from the sun. After using your regular sunscreen in the morning, this powder is perfect for that mid-day reapplication. Oh, an added benefit? No bad chemicals.

{Photo courtesy of Sephora.com.}

{Photo courtesy of Sephora.com.}


I saw this in Travel+Leisure magazine and giggled. How many of us have been on both sides of this coin?

{Photo courtesy of Travel+Leisure magazine.}

{Photo courtesy of Travel+Leisure magazine.}


It’s officially time to celebrate the end of a juice cleanse! So here’s to getting clean just so we can muck it up again. After all, it’s the yin AND the yang that keeps us going. Cheers!725fe96362feeea267a9f9a3cfad3169

Be fun. Be sexy. Be spiritual. Happy Weekend!

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  • Kim Graham

    I like the idea of mental clarity and 3 days of shutdown! Does that include working out?