5 ~ Fun, Sexy Inspirations

Here it is! Our weekly roundup of fun, sexy inspirations. Be sure to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear about some of your favorite things this week.


42 is a must see flick. Harrison Ford is over the top good, as is Chadwick Boseman as Jackie Robinson. See it this weekend, if you haven’t already. It’s an important piece of the big picture.

{Photo courtesy of http://thatsenuff.com.}

{Photo courtesy of http://thatsenuff.com.}


This week I went to Whole Foods in search of new products and found this paraben-free shower gel on sale for $6.99. Parabens are chemical preservatives that are used in many cosmetics, lotions, and body washes. They’ve also been linked to breast cancer, so avoid them when you can. I’ve been using the lavender shower gel this week. It’s smells lovely, and at $6.99, it’s a great buy.


{Photo courtesy of Whole Foods.}


I bought this silk Mason Scotch shirt last weekend. It’s a great example of the fun, bright colors that are popular right now. I’ll be wearing it this weekend to a cheese and wine party with white AG jeans and Michael Kors wedges. I love the islandy vibe of the palm tree print!



I have a friend who is blessed with an outrageous case of wanderlust. This guy has been just about everywhere. This week he’s in Cambodia. I’m green with envy and have been living vicariously through his Facebook photos each morning. So far he’s eaten a litany of bugs and a barbecued rat, all of which have been washed down with cold beer. He’s also made noodles with locals and visited Buddhist temples. Thanks Mark, for sharing a corner of the world with me.



When I buy salad dressing, even the organic, “good for you” kind, I crack the seal and dump almost all the oil out of the bottle before I shake and use it. Yes, I know some fat is good for you. But, I’d rather have sesame, white truffle, or coconut oil and control how much I use. I found this salad dressing at Whole Foods this week. No oil! It’s low in calories, low in sugar, and is delish! It’s available in a variety of flavors.


…and here’s one fun, sexy, inspiration for the weekend…

A mimosa bar! Be sure to celebrate absolutely nothing this weekend.


{Photo courtesy of stylemepretty.com.}

Be fun. Be sexy. Be spiritual. Happy weekend!

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  • Leonie

    Im going to do everything suggested this weekend! Just Fab! Thank you

    • Thanks Leonie! I borrowed and shared your comfort dog link. That made my morning!