Monthly Archives: October 2013

Who’s Your Yoko Ono?

When I got married, someone made a scene during the ceremony. Small church. Thirty guests. Everyone saw it. It was embarrassing and hurtful. But what has made it even worse, is the silence that’s filled the space between us in the three years since. No apology on their part. No forgiveness on mine. Last week, […]

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Saturday Style ~ Game Day Chic

I am a Gator by marriage. My husband went to the University of Florida, which means that Saturdays in the fall are spent sipping cocktails and cheering with friends. I enjoy the Game Day vibe, but one thing I don’t like is wearing my orange and blue pride emblazoned with such things as, “Gator Girl,” “Chomp […]

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Want Great Skin? Try Lulu Blossom!

lulu blossom natural skin care karouisng

I love Lulu Blossom! I’m always looking for products that keep my skin clear and radiant, and these all-natural skin care products are amazing. They smell wonderful. They feel nourishing. And the best part? No toxic chemicals or unhealthy ingredients like other skin care lines. All of Lulu Blossom’s products are vegan, never tested on […]

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Has Breast Cancer Affected You? Tell Us Your Story

While skimming The New York Times last weekend, I happened upon the obituaries of two beautiful women. Photos of their warm, smiling faces stopped me cold. I stared at their photos for a while and imagined the lives they had led. The people they loved. The friends they cherished. Their first dances. Their last dances. And how […]

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5 Things Every Woman Under 30 Should Know

I am a forty year old woman who’s been married twice and spent twelve years working a job I didn’t like because I was good at it and it paid my bills. I’ve tried every diet under the sun (cabbage soup anyone?), loved the wrong guys, and doubted my self-worth. But along the way, I […]

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