Monthly Archives: August 2013

What I Know About Death

Three weeks ago, God wrapped his hands around my tiny world and shook the hell out of it. On my way home from vacation, a friend called to say that our mutual friend, Brian, had died that morning. His fifty-one year old heart had stopped beating while the early morning hours turned night into day. Brian […]

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The Five Minute Journal ~ Practicing Gratitude Every Day ~ Part 2

We’re back with Part 2 of our special series on The Five Minute Journal. In case you missed my post last week, we’re talking about gratitude and how to transform your life by writing in the Journal five minutes a day. Creators of the journal, Toronto based UJ Ramdas and London based Alex Ikonn, are inspiring, thought-provoking guys. I recently sat down […]

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Karousing in the Florida Keys

I love Key West. But for me, it’s not just about drinking on Duval Street. (Although, drinking is an undeniable pastime in the Conch Republic.) My husband and I have been karousing in Key West for years and have enjoyed fishing, lobstering, and yes, drinking there. Key West is chock full of interesting history and […]

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