Monthly Archives: June 2013

Why Puppies Are Better Than Babies

I’m exhausted and I have dirty hair. I got a new puppy last weekend and life as I knew it has gone up in smoke. I’ve spent the last seven days following her around, cleaning up messes, and entertaining guests who have flooded through the door oohing and awwing over how cute she is. And […]

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What to Pack for Sailing the Islands

4 islands…6 friends…12 days I’m getting ready for my summer sailing trip. My husband and I will fly St. Martin, where we will charter a sailboat from the Moorings. With four friends, we’ll sail the clear blue water around St. Martin, Anguilla, St. Bart’s, and Saba. Living on a sailboat for over a week is […]

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More Compliments. More Happy.

We all go out into the world every day and engage with people by using their services and buying their stuff. We’ve been conditioned to believe that as customers, we’re always right and that we should get everything exactly as we want it. And after all our demands are met, we’re often out the door with […]

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